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Rainbow Barcelona Tours is the best option to discover the most important monuments and places of the city, unhurried and at your own pace. You can count on our experienced gay tour guides who will give you all the detailed information on what you see, as well we offer you the possibility to enjoy one of our activities while you stay in Barcelona in order to combine leisure and culture.

You will also have access to all the information about the gay/lesbian night life in the city, so you can make the most of your stay, and also to learn the gay oriented history of Barcelona, one of the most avant-garde cities that defends the rights of the gay community in the world.

Choose our tours and avoid the inconvenience of large groups, queues, getting lost or always looking at the map. The tours are available in several languages like English, Spanish, Catalan, French, German and Portuguese. Also if you need help to plan your trip, choose the best gay hotel or plan excursions, do not hesitate to contact us, we will advise you in anything we can.

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 Our Team

BCN Eloi Mail
Eloi M., tour guide in Barcelona. Languages: English, Spanish, Catalan

I had worked as a flight attendant for a long time, living in different countries and learning about different cultures, until I decided to come back to this fantastic city. I am in love with Barcelona, its atmosphere, its weather and its people, I am honored to be able to show you the beauties and the secrets of this unique place. I am a cheerful person, very optimistic and I truly believe that anyone can achieve their dreams if they work hard and have a positive attitude. As of now, my dream came true…


6Albert A., administration manager and tour guide. Languages: English, Spanish, Catalan

I worked as an administrative for an important company for so many years, but a while ago I decided to take the leap and work on some projects related to tourism and the LGTB world, so I would feel rewarded with my job. I am cheerful, dynamic, positive, persevering and a restless spirit. I love traveling, meeting new people, getting to know different cultures and other lifestyles. It’s a great pleasure for me to be in charge of the administration department of Rainbow Barcelona, and, at the same time, have the opportunity to show you different places of this city that I love so much.



Ernesto López., administration manager and tour guide. Languages: English and Spanish.

I have always liked to travel and have lived in many european cities, but once I got to Barcelona, I knew I was going to live here. I studied Tourism Management between Spain and Germany and I have worked mainly in hotels and reservations departments, so I know the industry of hospitality very well. Now I do from my passion a way of living, showing the very best places on my new home town, Barcelona.


Marc S., tour guide in Barcelona. Languages: English, Spanish, Catalan.

I have lived in Barcelona almost all my life, I love travelling, visiting other countries and getting to know people from all over the world. I am studying geography at the university right now, and I love to talk about culture, politics, languages and nature. I love Barcelona, and I always discover new hidden places, which is why I will be pleased to show you the city.



Guia-AllanAllan A., tour guide in Barcelona. Languages: English, Spanish, Catalan, French, German and Portuguese

Although I´m originally from Mexico, Barcelona is the city in the world that I know the best and the one I call my home. I studied translation and interpreting. I love travelling, discovering new places and cultures, and, of course, languages. That´s why I try to travel to a new place every time I can. It would be my pleasure to show the city, its secrets and its hidden places, just like I´d love a friend in another city would help me out to discover the city he or she lives in.



bcnramonRamón C., tour guide in Barcelona. Languages: English, Spanish and Catalan

Although my studies focus on Chemistry, from my childhood I have been long interested in art, history and politics, something that has led me to delve into the Catalan and Barcelona cultures, which are very rich in these three areas. 
Showing the city I love to people from all over the world is one of the greatest pleasures there exist.


MarcelMarcel., tour guide in Barcelona. Languages: English, Italian, Spanish and Catalan
I am a drama student at the Instititut del Teatre de Barcelona. I love theatre and dance, but also really enjoy comics and the world of animation. The thing I like the most about working in Rainbow Barcelona is making visitors feel welcome and the possibility it gives me to share my city’s culture.

bcnjordiJordi T., tour guide in Barcelona. Languages: English, Spanish and Catalan.

I was born and raised in Barcelona but I’ve always been looking for new challenges so I moved first to Berlin and then to London. Years passed by and I was missing this city so much that I moved back from one day to the next one.  The sun, beaches, the food and our lifestyle made me come back home so now I am sharing my passion for this city to everyone who comes to discover it.


bcnjacobJacob William., tour guide in Barcelona. Languages: English, Spanish, French, German and Catalan.

Although originally from England I am now a fully fledged patriot and lover of Barcelona and its surrounding towns. A linguist by trade being a tour guide has allowed me to meet new people, broaden my horizons and integrate with the locals; the people who over the centuries have made the city such a culturally rich and vibrant place to live. I have worked in the hospitality sector for several years and this combined with my passion for history is sure to guarantee a memorable experience in the city.

Clara, tour guide in Barcelona. Languages: Spanish, Catalan, English

I am in love with Barcelona, I love to discover an overview of the city and its lifestyle; not only showing you the most famous monuments but also explaining the strangest stories, discovering the hidden gems of the city and enjoying the excellent bars and restaurants. I truly enjoy doing gastronomic tours and wine tastings, as we live in a country where we have excelent products to create a healthy and delicious Mediterraning cuisine.


Eleaxart, graphic designer

My name is Eleazar, but my pseudonym is Eleaxart. I am a young self-taught graphic designer. I live in Tenerife, an island of the Canary Islands. Most of my designs are very colorful and full of energy. I love graphic design and I have been involved in this project from the very beginning, and I am pleased to work with the team because they let me create anything I have in my mind. As I always say: let your imagination fly and you will be able to do amazing things.


Lluís A., webmaster

In recent years I have specialized myself in the IT world, combining web technology advantages with some ideas to those ideas that I personally like when I think they have a good projection. I loved the idea of being part of the Rainbow Barcelona team, a company with a clear direction that aims to show the world the beauty of Barcelona in a friendly and positive environment. I encourage everyone to take a look at our website and enjoy everything we have to offer.